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J.D. Reeves is an Oklahoma-based freelance graphic designer endeavoring toward clear and effective communication.


Oklahoma Local

First off, welcome to my site! I've been working on it for a while and while I'm sure it will continue to evolve, this is my online home base for now. For this first blog post, I wanted to share an idea I had the other day.

I was doing some reading last fall about how, in around the 1980's, design became more integrated into capitalism. The focus of design seemed to shift solely to what was most economically viable. While I completely understand that the purpose of commercial design is to add value to companies, I didn't become a designer to help increase the bank accounts of big shot businessmen in tall towers behind mahogany desks. My passion lies in the local businesses, the entrepreneurs, and the little guys. People just like me, trying to wake up everyday and provide for their families by doing what they're passionate about. So, for the summer of 2015 I'm refocusing on what's important and launching a new promotion called Oklahoma Local.  

From now until Sept. 1, any design work I do for a local business, individual, musician, or anything else will be deeply discounted and prioritized. I've done plenty of work for companies all around the world and I'm very grateful for that, but now it's time to get plugged into what's happening right here in our great state. So whether you own a bakery, brewery, barber shop, or bowling alley ... or you're a musician, mechanic, mayor, or minister, please don't hesitate to reach out here on my contact page. While I have the most experience in creating visual identities both from the ground up, and brand refreshes, I'm also open to discussing other projects as well, such as promotional pieces, print collateral, web design, etc. For bands I'd love to discuss album art, posters and merchandise design (the real reason I became a designer). I'm very much looking forward to (hopefully) hearing from some of you and please share this post if you know someone who might be interested.

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