The Design Work of J.D. Reeves
J.D. Reeves is an Oklahoma-based freelance graphic designer endeavoring toward clear and effective communication.

Dust & Shadow

Ruit Hora is a book of Latin sundial mottoes and our modern responses to them. Created as part of my MFA work at the University of Oklahoma as part of a larger project called Dust and Shadow. See the full project here:

Dust & Shadow

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Dust & Shadow is a collection of work on the topics of time, experience, and memory malleability created during my first 1.5 years in the MFA program at The University of Oklahoma. While researching the concepts of time and memory I discovered that unique experiences are written with more density on our minds. And upon replay and reflection, these more dense memories seem to have lasted longer. So while we can't stop time, we can at least manipulate the way we remember by seeking novel experiences. From that thesis, I created this body of work on the topic. Please visit to see more. 


Screenprint Wall

While I didn't want the entire project to focus on the negative aspects of the passage of time, I did feel it was important to recognize and appreciate some of them. Part one of the project was an arrangement of 17 screenprints on the subject of time in nature and humanity. 

Ephemera Collages

A series of 3 collages made using materials pre-dating 1965, representing a formative earlier era we can only reconstruct through memory and ephemera. 

Ruit Hora Book

During my research for the project, I came across a collection of Latin sundial mottoes. I found them to be particularly fascinating due to their philosophical and thoughtful tone regarding the fleeting nature of time. When I started to work a book about the sundial mottoes, it became clear the project needed a more human element. I created a survey of questions that corresponded to the mottoes, asking people to recount their personal perspectives of time and memory. 

Relentless Hands App

Armed with the awareness that time is fleeting and the knowledge that monotony and routine only serve to compound the passage of time, how then do we proceed? Practically, how does this affect our day to day life?

Relentless Hands is an app concept I created to address these questions. The app provides you with a new prompt daily, encouraging you to do, try, taste, see, or experience something you otherwise might not have. The app is intended to do what many scientists say will provide you with a more fulfilling, enriched life: to break away from routines and cultivate newness in your daily life.